8 Best Wall and Ceiling Speakers For your House

BOSE 791 IN-Ceiling Speakers II

Bose Corporation, founded by Amar Bose is an American privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that designs, develops and sells audio equipment. It sells its products throughout the world. One of the most capable in-ceiling speakers of Bose Corporation is The Bose 791.

BOSE 791 speakers may be small in size but they pack a whole lot of sound. They are in ceiling speakers that are fully capable of evenly distributing the music a person loves throughout their listening area.


Can Be Placed Anywhere: 

These speakers will fit seamlessly anywhere they are placed because of the presence of ultra thin bezels and easy-to-paint grilles. They are capable of providing you with a high-quality audio experience as long as they are set up correctly.

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Check Price for Bose 742897-0200 Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speaker II (White)



Klipsch Audio Technologies is an American loudspeaker company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in Hope, Arkansas in 1946 as ‘Klipsch and Associates’ by Paul W. Klipsch, With integrated whole-house audio systems becoming more popular than ever, Klipsch designed the CDT-5650-C II to meet the market’s demand for a high-performance in-ceiling loudspeaker that easily challenges the inherent limitations of fixed locations.


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Check Price: Klipsch CDT-5650-C II In-Ceiling Speaker - White (Each)



KEF is a British loudspeaker manufacturer founded by Raymond Cooke with international distribution. It was founded in Tovil, Maidstone, Kent in 1961. One of the bestselling of KEF is the KEF CI160CL speaker which is ideal for getting the best sound from home cinema or multi room system without taking up any floor space.


The KEF CI160CL has been designed for installation in a wall or in a ceiling.  With a high frequency unique asymmetrical 0.75 inch tweeter island present in the centre of the speaker, it gives the best frequency response within a compact speaker solution.


The speaker provides great sound to fill your whole room. Its specifications are W x H x D (mm) are 223 x 303 x 91 and it weighs 1.87 kg.

 This speaker delivers low and middle frequencies due to the presence of a 6.5 inch audio driver. Some of the key features of this device is the presence of ultra thin bezels and easy installation.

  Another key feature of this unique device is its tolerance to moisture, heat and humidity because of which one can install it in their kitchen, bathroom or even under the eaves outside the house.

The KEF CI160CL can also be painted in any colour to blend in with the décor.



POLK AUDIO RC60i IN Ceiling Speakers

Polk Audio is a manufacturer of audio products and are best known for their home and automobile speakers. This company which is founded by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross also produces a wide range of other audio products such as amplifiers and FM tuners.


The Polk Audio RC60i is an excellent option in one’s price range. The Polk Audio RC60i In-Wall/In-Ceiling speakers practically have the in-wall speaker race in the bag. They are effectively the benchmark. Their low cost, swivel tweeter design, easy to install, use in bathrooms or saunas, and large dispersion design make them the easy choice for in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. They mimic the look a recessed lighting and you can paint them to match your decor. They will practically disappear in your home.


The product dimensions are 27.3 x 27.3 x 8.3 cm and it weighs 2.7kg. Each unit contains a 6.5-inch polymer audio driver and a 0.75 inch tweeter. The RC60i comes in 6.5-inch and 8-inch versions, and their Infinite Baffle tuning uses the enclosure of the wall space to enhance their bass response. The speakers can be used in bathrooms or saunas because they are made from moisture-resistant materials.

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BOSE 891 IN-WALL Speakers

Bose Corporation is an American privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that designs, develops and sells audio equipment. Founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, the company sells its products throughout the world.


The Bose 891 In-Wall Speakers have a similar audio hardware as the 791 model that is mentioned above, but in a slightly different acoustic arrangement.

This rectangular Virtually Invisible in-wall speaker is engineered with one 7″ woofer which delivers rich low frequencies and two strategically positioned 1″ tweeters, eliminating the need to aim the speaker into the room.

The acoustic design allows for full, even sound coverage, while its smaller size increases placement options. 


Its dimensions are 15.8 x 13 x 11.1 inches and weighs 6.1 kg.


The ultra slim bezel is attached directly to the speaker grille allowing them to be easily painted in one simple step. And with no cloth scrim, there’s no worry of excess paint clumping or soaking in. Plus, magnets allow them to snap on and off quickly. And with a near-bezel-less construction, they blend seamlessly into the room’s design.


Exclusive Bose Stereo Everywhere speaker performance provides balanced stereo sound over a wider area. Sound fills every inch of the room evenly, so there are no drop-offs.

Installation is quick and easy with standard dogleg clamps. Two in-wall and two in-ceiling models provide the solutions you need for nearly any installation.

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Pyle was founded in the 1960s as a leading manufacturer of high-quality advanced woofers. If one has a tight budget, these Pyle PDIC51RD speakers are the best for them.

  Convenient speaker terminals allow for quick and hassle-free speaker wire connection. System includes cut-out template for easy installation. These speakers can be mounted in a wall or in a ceiling. Wide-ranged sound performance can be achieved from Pyle PDIC51RD and it can add audio to any room.

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Bose Corporation is an American privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that designs, develops and sells audio equipment. It is founded by Amar Bose. If one is looking for a pair of mountable speakers, then The Bose 161 Speaker System is one of the best options.


It has a streamlined design and startling performance. Bose 161 speakers are a versatile option for both music and movie listening. They work with the stereo receiver, but can also serve as front or surround speakers in a component home theater setup.


The dimensions for each speaker are 4.17” x 11” x 5” and each speaker weighs 1.47 kg.

These speakers are designed to deliver balanced sound throughout the entire room. Each speaker packs a duo of 2.5 inch proprietary Bose drivers and are capable of pushing out more air than their size suggests. With these sleek Bose bookshelf speakers one will enjoy rich, full sound from music or movies. Whether it is placed on a desk or bookshelf or mounted on a wall for use as surround speakers, these speakers are designed to deliver balanced, spacious sound with minimal or moderate amplifier power (10 to 100 watts per channel).

Automatic protection circuitry keeps the speaker drivers from being overdriven, heightening the speakers’ reliability without interfering with one’s listening. Custom brackets are included for easy installation and flexible placement possibilities.

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