AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener Review

Accusharp 001 Knife Sharepner Description

Finally a knife sharpener that even a 10 year old can use and sharp the edges of a knife in about 10 seconds. Not only knives but also cleavers, Axes and any other cutting tools can be relieved to new after using this tool. The full length finger guard is designed to protect to protect your fingers.

Sharpening blades are made up of diamond honed tungsten carbide which will last longer than usual use. Being made up with special technology Accusharp 001 knife sharpener is rust and corrosion free and can easily be cleaned with soap and water or even a dishwasher.


The world’s fastest knife  Blade sharpener, Accusharp 001 Knife sharpener can easily sharp any kind of cutting tool, even the one’s having serrated edges, within 10 seconds. You dont have to worry about changing its blades again and again because it can be used for 6 years without any trouble.


If a razor-sharp edge is what you want then  make sure the sharpener is kept perpendicular to the knife’s edge. Even a little misplacement will not give you proper sharpening results.
Warning: Do not sharpen the knife for hours.

Note: For the best results, make sure that you are sharpening the knives and other tools after every 5 or 6 months.

It does not matter what type of knife you are sharping with the Accusharp Knife sharpener! It is designed to be used for all types of cutting tools, even the ones with serrated and extremely blunt edges. With a slight downward pressure and 90 degree angle to the knife’s edge, you can get the sharpest edge for a never-before cutting and slicing experience.

AccuSharp 001 knife sharpener

AccuSharp 001 knife sharpener

Blade Life


    Durability And Design


      Ease Of use


        Overall Performance



          • Sharpens edges easily and quickly
          • Edges can be sharped according to needs
          • Safety Grip that prevents from accidental cuts
          • Attractive Design


          • Important to keep blade perpendicular for proper sharpening
          • Shaves some extra metal to sharpen

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