*Best* boys hostel near upes in Bidholi Petroleum university

Getting a proper accommodation is really a concern for every parent if you are planning to send your child in a hostel. A promising hostel includes good food, Proper transportation facilities, Friendly and productive atmosphere etc. Almost all hostels promise the same on the front but only a few are actually capable to perfectly adhere to these guidelines.

Bidholi is a pleasant village in the foothills of lower Himalayas. Mainly having major student population, Bidholi provides a peaceful environment along with natural scenes of beauty. Along with beauty Bidholi is also popular for famous UPES university University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Students form all over India come to stay here for their studies. It was established in 2003 and is widely known for its highly industry requirement related courses.

Given Below are some perfect Boys hostel for students near UPES bidholi to send your child for a perfect and affordable stay.

About University OF Petroleum And Energy Studies

UPES has highly focused courses offered that develops a skillset and provides exposure withing various growing economies. Advanced teaching, Innovation and exposure is certainly their cup of tea!  UPES is FIRST Indian college that offers 82 specialized programs related to  Energy, Infrastructure,  Transportation and Computer Science & Engineering.

UPES Welcomes You!



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